At the close of the 1970’s, a decade of transformation for many American women, eleven Indianapolis businesswomen envisioned an organization to provide a channel of communication and exchange of ideas, a way to become role models for those seeking help to better themselves and provide the support required for networking. Thus, in 1979, under the leadership of Joretta White, The Network was formed to address the unique concerns and interest of women in the Greater Indianapolis business community.

The Network of Women in Business, Inc. was incorporated on August 8, 1979 by Christine S. Halter, Bettye Jones Olds and Roberta Broderick. NOWIB was formed to assist in the development and growth of women holding managerial, executive or professional positions in business. The original Board of Directors included: Roberta Broderick, Fay M. Henning, Sande Brock, Vivian Rose Hayes, Joretta White, M. Anne Wilcox, Cathy Freebairn, Bettye Jones Olds and Christine S. Halter.

The one common thread that’s held the Network together over all of these years has been the need for local professional women to develop deeper relationships, both personally and professionally, with other women like themselves.