Are you a NOWIB member interested in getting involved? We’d love to have your help in continuing to make the Network a success!

It is thanks to the generosity of our all-volunteer board of directors and committees that the Network of Women in Business has continued to thrive for over 30 years! Plus, serving on the Board of Directors, as a Special Interest Group leader or on committees is a great way to learn more about the organization and the community while establishing deeper connections with other NOWIB members.

Overview of Board Positions


– Guides the organization according to our mission. Responsibilities include management of the group, facilitating board meetings, planning, change management and promoting the Network in the community.

Programming Chair

– Heads the development and coordination of the NOWIB programming schedule, including Quarterly Power Lunches, Special Interest Groups, and social events. The programming chair also oversees efforts to solicit and secure sponsorships.  The Programming Chair also chairs the Programming Committee.


– Provides financial guidance to ensure financial viability and manages the financials for the Network, including the development of an annual budget and oversight of revenue and expenses.  The Treasurer also chairs the Finance Committee.


– Scribes and distributes minutes for board meetings as well as our open task list. The Secretary also maintains the descriptions and duties as well as members of each committee.

Marketing Chair

– Oversees and directs all internal and external communications and keeps the image and brand of the Network consistent. Promotes the Network within the community, manages media relations and our web site.  The Marketing Chair also chairs the Marketing and Communications Committee.

Membership Chair

– Works to solicit new members, retain current members and on the development and implementation of a membership strategy; Maintains all membership records.

At-Large Board Member

– This individual serves on the Board to provide additional insights, as well as assistance to other board members as the need arises.


– The most recent individual to serve as the President of the Network in the past continues to serve on the Board as our Past-President. This individual has limited responsibilities, but is integral in maintaining continuity in the Board’s strategy while providing valuable guidance during the transition to the new President.

Special Interest Group Leaders

Special Interest Group Leaders are integral to the success of NOWIB’s programming and execution of Special Interest Group (SIG) events. They serve as the leaders of each Special Interest Group and coordinate the events. They work with the Board in programming their events and ensuring the SIGs are fulfilling the needs of the attendees.

We are always open to establishing new SIG events, especially when someone is interested in serving as a SIG leader.  If there is a topic that you believe our members would be interested in exploring through a SIG, please Contact Us to submit your idea online.


We encourage all members to serve on a committee.  Meetings are generally held monthly or every other month for one hour.  Committee responsibilities may also take a few additional hours per month. We understand that everyone is busy and are flexible on the amount of time you are able to commit to your committee.

Our current committees are described below:

Membership Committee:

Assists the Membership Chair. Works to solicit new members, retain current members through member relations activities, and helps maintain all membership records.

Programming Committee:

Assists Programming Chair to plan NOWIB events, including the Quarterly Power Lunches and Special Interest Groups.

Marketing and Communications Committee:

Assists the Marketing Chair to maintain the website and newsletter.  Develops communications to publicize events and other NOWIB activities.  Helps maintain NOWIB’s facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Finance Committee:

Assists the Treasurer to maintain the financial health of the organization through budgeting and monthly reporting.

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